Friday, January 22, 2010

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

We weighed in and the result is, drum roll please.... 2 lbs. I was hoping for more, but am satisfied with this. I realise that this is a good and healthy weight loss, so I am happy.

The one thing I want to pass on to everyone is the nonsense idea that it is possible to lose weight without working out. It's not. It's plain and simple. You may lose a bit for a while but statistics show that those who exercise regularly lose twice as much weight as lose who don't. All those fad diets and weight loss programs that say you can lose weight by taking a certain pill or drink a little of this potion is a scam. Those who exercise 30 minutes a day and watch their food intake will see a slow and steady weight reduction.

We laughingly called the Dr. Burlin Jillian, because he was pushing us beyond our comfort levels for an hour. It was good, but I am already sore, so tomorrow will be a bear once again. We are required to do our floor exercises every other day and then 30 minutes of aerobics the opposite days. The one thing they are very strict about is taking Sundays off, we are not to workout on the Lord's day.

So start exercising!!!!

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  1. Thanks for faithfully communicating the "plan". Congratulations on your success. You're right - 2 pounds is a sensible and applaudable loss. Keep it up!