Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It has been forever since posting here and I have to say, I am somewhat embarrassed by that fact.

I mentioned in an earlier post, I think I did anyway, about our church's Biggest Loser contest. Well, they decided to change the name to The Biggest Winner contest (you can guess why!). I applied to be a contestant and out of 50+ applicants they choose 24 to interview, and from there they will select 12. I was one of the 24 semi finalists and had my interview last night.

It went well, as far as interviews go, I guess. The biggest concern is if the applicants can commit to the five month rigorous program. For me that would be driving 30 minutes, once a week, for a three hour session with a personal trainer, nutritionist and counselor. Also, I will have to work out every day and post a daily journal online.

I have read the books required and it will be quite a life change for us. By us, I mean the hubbs and the boy, because they will have to be a part of it too. I refuse to commit to a huge diet change and continue to cook them bad food. Kevin is very supportive, but Lance will be the challenge, he loves his junk food and really doesn't care for veggies.

Even if I don't make the finals, I will be following the program the best I can on my own. So stay tuned for information from the books and how it is going.