Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

Easter...what a glorious day of celebrating our Lord's Resurrection! We had a beautiful worship service and a magnificent sunny day to spend with family. And boy did we celebrate with family...

We had:
french toast
bagels with homemade flavored cream cheeses, lox, capers, red onions
spinach pie
breakfast casseroles
chocolate dipped strawberries
dates with goat cheese wrapped in bacon
fruit salad
lemon pies
jelly beans
orange juice
grape juice
V8 juice
and that is just for brunch

We then came home and I made Easter dinner for family...

We had:
chicken shish kabobs
fresh fruit salad
orange glazed asparagus
cheesy potatoes
deviled eggs
Texas cake
(The potatoes and ham were brought by a family member)

I am admitting that I did okay, but still ate some things I shouldn't have. So I put on several pounds. (I always put on water weight when I eat ham.) I knew going into this weekend that I would cheat some and gave myself permission. But on Monday I was back to the grind and started all over. Some things had to be given away or I knew that I wouldn't have the self control I needed to stay away from them. I will do my surge training this morning as well as strength training tonight. I am "Back in the saddle again"...

Tomorrow I will post about good fats and the low fat problem.

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  1. How wonderful! I sat here for the last few minutes and read your entire blog.

    You are inspiring me to get on with it. I may create my on blog for this. I'll keep you posted.