Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Happening!

This past week was the fourth week and we had another weigh-in. We were also measured. I have lost a total of 7 lbs. in four weeks (this does not include the weight I lost when I had pneumonia). Out of fifteen contestants (one dropped out), I took the top spot for inches lost......

Dat ta da!!!! Sixteen inches in one month!!! That's what I said, sixteen! I absolutely couldn't believe this, in fact, I had the woman who was measuring me do it again and sure enough, it was a whopping 16 inches over all.
I credit this to the boot camp style calisthenics and the surge training that I do every day. Also, I am really watching what I put in my mouth. I wanted to write down a sample of what I eat.

This is my food intake for a day, but please note that this changes daily.

Breakfast: Steel cut oats, 1/4 cup organic whole milk and one packet of Truvia (sweetener made from the stevia plant)
Mid Morning Snack: Medium orange, one ounce of organic 83% cocoa dark chocolate
Lunch: Tuna wrap made with whole wheat tortilla, tuna, 1/2 pickle, shredded carrots, 1/2 spring mix lettuce, chopped tomato and 1 tsp. Italian Dressing
Mid Afternoon Snack: Handful of grapes
Dinner: Salad with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados, walnuts, shredded white cheese, 2 tbs. organic dressing, grilled chicken, roasted asparagus with lemon and olive oil
Evening Snack: Handful of pecans and fruit of some kind.

As you can see, it is a lot of food. Everything is as natural or organic as possible. Chicken and eggs are organic and free range, meat is grass feed and hormone, antibiotic free. I had a week or so of sugar detox, but after that I have not had any sugar cravings. (We are allowed the one ounce of dark chocolate as long as we eat it late morning or early afternoon). Also, I can have as much fruit and veggies that I want, so some days may be filled with them.
I am really enjoying this!


  1. Oh, Gina! I am SO excited about this! 16"!!! That is just amazing. Congratulations on your Top Spot honor.

    Thanks for including a typical days menu. That's really helpful to me.

    I sure hope they took a "before" picture of you. It will be really "fun" to see you before and after.

    Have a great week of healthy eating & exercise!

  2. Good for you! Where do you get your organic meats? I'm having a hard time finding sources around here.

  3. Cindy, we get our meat and poultry from a local Amish meat market that sell only organic and free range. Also, there is a Whole Foods about 45 minutes away. I heard you can order organic meats on-line. This may work for you.

  4. Good for you! You are an inspiration. This is tough stuff. I pick up a high school sophomore on tuesdays and Thursdays and take her to our volunteer tutoring job. We have 40 minutes of talk time twice per week. She challenged me today to give up sugar for Lent. I am excited to try it for 40 days and want to be an encouragement to her as well. I will keep reading your posts for inspiration.

  5. 18 pounds "released" (as some put it). Don't give up. Don't look how far you have to go--look at how far you've COME!